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Mercury Mobile

At Mercury, we use the latest satellite navigation technology to ensure your drivers can work quickly and efficiently with a fast, powerful and reliable PDA.

The Perfect PDA System for You and Your Drivers

Communication and connectivity is key and with our latest combination of PDA, software and SIM you can ensure your drivers can work quickly and efficiently.

Mercury Mobile PDA Close Up Screenshots

The Ultimate In-Vehicle Solution

  • Information at your fingertips on a dependable PDA.
  • A PDA so easy to use it requires minimal training in order to operate.
  • Customised cradle designed to eliminate accidental damage and charge the battery effortlessly.
  • Most accurate satellite navigation information available.
  • Large touchscreen enables your drivers to see job information and accept jobs easily.
  • GPS tracking calculates where your drivers are to within a 5 metre accuracy.
  • Track drivers with irrefutable data that shows where and when a driver has travelled.

Mercury Multi Network Roaming SIM

The Benefits of our New PDA

  • The most dependable, reliable and robust PDA yet.
  • Large 4″, responsive touchscreen.
  • Accurate satellite navigation system getting you to the correct address – first time, on time, every time.
  • Customised cradle design
  • GPS tracking.
  • Multi-network coverage.

Mercury Multi-Network SIM

Mercury’s multi-network SIM allows you to operate across all 5 UK Networks (Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and 3) to guarantee that your drivers have network connectivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving you 100% PDA connectivity.

Mercury SIM simply attaches to the strongest signal on device start-up and works via all UK networks without the driver even noticing.

If one of your networks loses connection or becomes unavailable, our SIM simply switches to next available network ensuring you don’t lose contact at any time.

Mercury SIM keeps your business running and your drivers happy. No more network outages and no more blackouts – auto switching ensures that you can continue to book and despatch jobs effortlessly.

Your drivers are now left to concentrate on the customer, rather than the connectivity of their PDA.

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