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Arrow Taxi Group | Long-Standing Family Firm in Worthing

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Since first opening their doors in 1988 as Arrow Private Hire, a family run firm started by Lib Dichello and a “couple of mates” with five vehicles, they now operate with 152 vehicles of all sizes and specs as the Arrow Taxi Group. The majority of their daily work is within a ten mile radius around Worthing, but with all their airport and account work they cover anywhere in the country.

All About Change

The company’s current job count averages at over 20,000 bookings per week owes a lot to the Arrow Taxi Group’s booking and despatch system: Mercury 2. They’ve got the full bells and whistles: nine operating systems linked to their Target Telecoms phone system, Mercury Mobile PDAs, automated call back and text back facilities and the Mercury Web booking feature to allow customers to book direct from their website.

Owners of Arrow Taxi Group in WorthingOwner Lib Dichello explains how the company has evolved “When our company was first formed it was operated from a small garage unit in the back of a tyre fitter’s yard, using the old Westminster radios, BT’s good old ‘trim phones’ and a couple of Bic pens and plenty of scrap paper. The drivers kept a pocket full of 2 pence pieces for the phone box for their next job. A far cry from our modern day, fantastic Mercury setup!

“We moved premises in 1990 to a ground floor shop fronted office, and grew to approximately 40 cars. We first went computerised with another system in 2002 and just carried on being just one of the many 30-40 circuites operating in Worthing

“In around 2011 we decided to buy the Mercury 1 system and push Arrow forward. Over the next couple of years working with Mercury, I felt it was time to expand even further so I brought my son Alex into the business and that’s when the Arrow Taxi Group was born.

“Our first move was to start negotiating with some of the other local companies. Our first acquisition was M&D Cars, taking us to over 70 cars. We then quickly set our sights on Starlight Radio Cars, and soon they too came under our ownership. This took us to over 100 cars and made us the largest taxi company in Worthing.”

Growing Pains

“But with so many cars and over 20,000 jobs a week going through the system, we decided we needed to modify several elements, so a phone call to our account manager got things going and before long, Mercury 2 started making its debut. It took ten years off my life!

Operators in the Arrow Taxi Group Office“We have now reached over 150 cars in less than 18 months, and I’m sure we owe a lot of that successful progress to the close relationship we have with Mercury. We currently have 113 different account customers: private, Blue Chip companies, school runs and a long list of loyal regulars.

“We’re still not finished and Alex is only 20 years old, so who knows what the future holds. One thing is for sure – we definitely will be expanding again this year!”

In Good company with many other long-standing establishments from other walks of life in the area, the Arrow Taxi Group maintains that as residents of Worthing, they can honestly say that they care about serving the local community.

Read the full article in March 2015’s PHTM magazine: Arrow Taxi Group: Long-Standing Family Firm in Worthing

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